Creative Assistant. Marketing 360°

To help structure marketing ideas
Streamline its execution
Hands-on support to fix your website
Create marketing material.


Hello, my name is Diana Basurto. I’m a Creative Assistant.

I will help you to get your Ideas out of your head and down on paper, into a schematic document easy to understand to designers, programmers & clients alike.
May also provide hands-on support to update websites, create collateral material, write compelling text & strategize marketing 360° campaigns (digital/traditional). PORTFOLIO


Tasks I perform

  • 1

    Fix your website
    HTML or Wordpress

    Will make tweaks & updates to assure quick loading times, easy usability, accurate information, good navigation, function incorporation & search engine optimization.

  • 2

    Digital Marketing
    More leads from the internet

    Will improve your Google positioning, set up a paid-ads campaign & promote on social media with a strategy and a calendar with specific tasks for a timely & synchronized execution. Monitoring performance through Analytics.

  • 3

    Graphic Design

    Will edit & customize upscale graphic design templates for your overall marketing material online / offline (brochures, flyers, banners, business cards, slideshows, landing pages, online stores).

  • 4

    Project Management Getting things done

    Will discover your requirements, establish attainable goals, draw up a plan, assemble a team, coordinate day-to-day tasks, & oversee deliverables. Setup productivity apps, if required.

  • 5

    Showcase your product.

    Will find the best stock material and perform some basic editing if required. For original images, may coordinate a photo/video session with a third party professional.

  • 6

    Ad Writing
    SEO Copywriting

    Will find the keywords your customer searches and tailor your words into slogans, catch phrases or advertising texts. To persuade a shopping decision or just to explain something very clearly.


These are few examples of different kinds of business I have helped bloom. Yours could be next.


Small Business (40 Employees)

It is a very efficient website, has an average of 1500 visits/month, which translate into about 10 daily inquiries. Have been on Google’s first page for 7 straight years, helping this small business becoming a successful company, that cater world- class events like G20 World Leaders Summit, Formula 1 & Mayors Summit C40, to name a few. It works so well that Red Carpet appeared in Marie Claire’s section @Work, as a story of entrepreneurial success in Mexico and one of the points they mentioned as tips to grow your business was to have a good website well ranked in Google.


Micro Business (5 Employees)

I helped to standardize and classify the product. Designed a corporate image and developed an online store of decorative paintings, which in addition to showcasing the paintings in detail, allows to compare up to 4 paintings. The user can register, make their order and pay with credit card. The store makes the calculation of inventories, sends a purchase confirmation to the buyer and a delivery order with shipping details to the seller.


S.O.S Cabo

Non-Profit Association (20 members)

I helped designing the promotion strategy, developed the website and coordinated the event for this viral marketing campaign to raise awareness on the conservation of the Biosphere Reserve of Baja California Sur. In the event, 9,000 people formed an SOS on the beach with the intention to pressure public representatives to vote against the installation of predatory projects in protected areas.


Corporate Client

Corporation (1000+ Employees)

My job was to coordinate all the teams involved (corporate client + creative agency + digital agency + delivery service) into the development of this loyalty rewards program. Where user accumulates points through video games & quizzes and redeem them for physical gifts in the online store. This program had an extraordinary user participation, becaming a benchmark and being replicated in other latitudes by the Swiss-based corporation for it was developed.


Revista digital, acerca de lugares para ir de fin de semana cerca del DF. Tiene inscrustada la herramienta de "traza tu ruta" de la SCT que sirve para calcular tu distancia y el costo de tu recorrido desde cualquier parte de Mexico. También tiene el reporte de clima actualizado y otras herramientas de utilidad para el viajero.


Solopreneur ( 1 Entrepreneur)

Here, I helped from registering the name of the website, generating a customized email account, classify the product, carry out a photo session to show the product, create the answers to the most frequent asked questions, design the navigation of the website, set up an online store, to teach my client how to add / modify products herself. I did not make the graphic design, she already had it.




Packages designed to cater a wide scope of clients, from small one-time projects to big recurring undertakings.

5 hours

$150 USD
  • 5 (five) hours of tasks
  • Spread over 1 (one) day

15 hours

$390 USD
  • 15 (fifteen) hours of tasks
  • Spread over 2 (two) or 3 (three) days
Best Price

30 hours

$650 USD
  • 30 (thirty) hours of tasks
  • Spread over 1 week

Working hours Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM (GMT -7). Los Cabos, Mexico

Let’s work


Personal service in Cabo, Baja. Other areas work remotely

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    +52 1 55 47951546

  • Schedule (M-F):

    10:00 AM - 7:00 PM