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Who is Diana?

Web developer and content creator proficient in HTML web design, WordPress, widgets, plugins, content writing, data analytics. To keep your website update, with search engine marketing, SEO.



Samples of my Work

Trade Marketing

International Corporation

A campaign to reward best sellers convenience stores. An online game where teams competed to gained points to redeemed for apparel gifts. This program had extraordinary user engagement and became a benchmark within the corporation. My job was to coordinate the cross-functional teams needed to bring this project to life.


S.O.S Cabo

Social Activation

I designed this campaign and managed a team of over 20+ co-organizers to produce an event in where 9,000 people formed an SOS on the beach with the intention to pressure public representatives to vote in pro of legislation that prohibits toxic mining in Baja California Sur.


Reconstruyamos Mexico

Campaign designer & Developer.

I designed this campaign in an attempt to provide people with knowledge resources to rebuild their houses after earthquake or hurricane damage. It includes how- to videos, workflow charts, inspirations boards, sample blueprints, cost calculators and so on. This project is currently looking for sponsorships.


Cabo Productions

Production Manager

Celebrity photo shoot production in Cabo. 15+ members crew was working inside exclusive resorts or remote locations. I coordinated from location scouting, permits processing, workflow scheduling, team coordination to on-site coordination


Los Cabos Events

Interactive Calendar

This calendar was intended to gather in one place all the events with the information necessary to attend: Venue, address, Google map location, event's description, price, reservations contact.



One-stop shop for updating website content

  • HTML and WordPress
  • Content writing, graphics, photo and video
  • SEO
  • Widgets, plugins
  • Data analytics

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