Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Today we are able to watch people's behavior online, learn from it and craft targeted advertisement. Diana M. Basurto

How It Works

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Aimed at the best customer, place and time

Favorite tools

PPC * Google, Ads in Local Mobile Searches

4 out of 5 people who search on mobile, visit within the next 24hrs if they are up to 5 miles away

Ad types

  • Link to Call
  • Download App
  • Text Listing
  • Location in Google Maps
  • Link to website

Triggered by,

  • Mobile searches
  • Selected Keywords
  • Certain location
  • Age Range
  • Apple or Android
  • Language Preference

Pay Per Click. Measurable Results

Campaign Process

Market Research

Using Google Marketing tools, we find people's real behavior online: searched keywords, trusted sites, location, preferences.


Knowing the market, we spot sites, interests & habits to create appealing material and schedule its publications to match topics of interest to join the public conversation.


We create marketing material integrating keywords, insights, graphics ,and animation, if necessary. To provide useful and relevant information that sparks the interest to get in touch.


We review statistics to see how user's behavior evolve to adjust ads to their preferences and be more effective. Are also useful to spot trends and patterns.